Children’s Book: The Love of 10,000

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Inspired by the great Dr. Maya Angelou's poem “Our Grandmothers,” The Love of 10,000 is a love letter from a mother to her child. In this third edition of the visual poem, readers are reminded that they are not alone, especially during times of loss (this special edition includes links to grief resources for kids). "Loving Guides" and Ancestors are always speaking words of empowerment to guide us through our lives. Listen and you will hear them say…


"I think the book is cool! I like how it tells you how to deal with people who are bullying you."
Young Reader, Age 7

"This book means to me that you always have family around you and you are not alone."
Young Reader, Age 8

"You are a gem for writing this book and inspiring our youth to live life talking about it is the most natural thing ever. May our next generation grow up knowing they are protected and loved."Parent

"Thank you for writing this amazingly powerful book. I have to say every time I read it, the tears stream down my face. It's a book that speaks so much truth and its design is brilliant for young minds." Parent

Every girl should read this book with their mom, grandma or parent. It captures growing up, learning about ourself and others. My granddaughters loved the narrative and our discussion. Thank you for this gift to our children and adults! Amazon Review

As a mom and a psychotherapist, I love to buy books for my daughters to teach them about emotions, how to handle difficult situations and to encourage their love of reading. The Love of 10,000 encompasses all of these qualities together in a beautifully written and illustrated book teaching kids (& grown ups) that even when we lose someone, they are still present in our lives and the lives of others. After reading this book to my children, I ordered several more copies to share with clients. Dr. Brown, thank you for spreading your love and the love of Dr. Maya Angelou!! Amazon Review



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Children’s Book: The Love of 10,000 0 reviews

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