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There is no standard set of wedding vows. A man and woman can choose their vows, tailored to them, their beliefs, and relationship. However, many times we vow what we don't understand. When this happens, we tend to make a mess of things.

In this mini-series, we will explore traditional wedding vows from a fictional and Christian standpoint. Asking the question, "What are you vowing?" Because although you vowed with truth and your heart, sometimes things can be hard to contend with and/or come back from. Yes, you had good intentions, but the stiffness of that “AND” will test every inch of your faith, love, and vow.

Find out if these marriages can survive the vows they've promised.

This book bundle has the following:

Book 1 - To Have and To Hold

Book 2 - For Better and For Worse

Book 3 - For Richer and For Poorer


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What Did You Vow Book Bundle 0 reviews

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